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7 Action Movies From The ’90s You Should Watch Again

It’s easy to understand why action films routinely score well at the box office and remain one of the most popular of all film genres. There are plenty of chase scenes, high-tension dramatic moments involving the main characters, and enough suspense to keep you at the edge of your seat. Here are some of the best action films produced in the ’90’s, all of which are worth a second look.

Air Force One

This film stars Harrison Ford, who was the king of action movies for quite a while, and Gary Oldman as his villainous counterpart. Ford plays the role of the U.S. President and his Air Force One private plane is hijacked by Oldman and his gang of thugs because they intend to hold the President hostage, to get their demands met. There are not only some great action scenes, but the movie was praised for the acting efforts by Ford, Oldman, and co-star Glenn Close, who portrays the Vice-President.

Con Air

Nicolas Cage stars in this film as a convict who was imprisoned for hitting a man in order to protect his pregnant wife. As he and other prisoners are being transported by bus to another facility, a breakout occurs and all the prisoners band together to hijack a transport plane, which they use to fly to a deserted air strip. The thing that makes this film so interesting are the quirky characters among the prisoners, chiefly their leader, played by John Malkovich.

Independence Day

The threat of an alien invasion is the main story line in this movie, and on hand to prevent that invasion are the irrepressible Will Smith, and the science fiction film master, Jeff Goldblum. Goldblum is the mastermind who figures out a way to defeat the aliens, and Smith is the cocky Air Force pilot who does the necessary flying to deliver the knockout punch to the aliens.

True Lies

The real appeal of this movie is that it’s a perfect combination of comedy, action, and drama. Of course the fact that the adorable Jamie Lee Curtis has a sexy role in it did not deter from its box office appeal. The plot revolves around undercover agent Arnold Schwarzenegger doing his best to save the world from terrorists, while his wife is seemingly having an affair.

Point Break

There was automatic star appeal for this movie, which co-starred Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves, with lots of incredible surfing footage included in the story line. Reeves plays the role of an undercover agent attempting to bring Swayze and his group to justice for some recent robberies, and the interplay between the two stars is as fascinating as the action scenes.


This was a Keanu Reeves vehicle which co-starred a young Sandra Bullock and a grizzled Dennis Hopper as the villain. Hopper plants a bomb aboard a city metro bus, which is set to explode if the bus drops below 55 mph. Reeves is a cop who gets himself placed on the bus to help driver Bullock, and together they have to figure out how to stop the bus without getting it blown up.

The Matrix

Another film starring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix had some intriguing ideas, beginning with the notion that everything we see in the waking world is a mere projection meant to deceive us. The real world is much uglier, and is suppressed from the minds of humans, because they would be aghast if they saw it. Reeves plays the role of Neo, a hero prophesied in ancient times who would come to rescue humans from their enslavement to The Matrix.

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