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Enjoy The Unaffordable – Limited Edition Compared To Fine Art Prints

A Long part of the fine art market, almost from its inception, the limited edition print has always been very close to the artist’s creativity and skill. Often, the collaboration of printmaker and artist has added a new dimension to the original.

best art prints, Essentially the limited edition print is a new creation arising when the original artwork is translated to an ink based image impressed on paper or canvas using the lithographic, silkscreen or latterly the giclee and other processes.

A limited edition print enables a wider audience to own and enjoy a superb piece of art. I am increasingly convinced that whilst a picture can have an immediate attraction, you have to live with it to fully enjoy and appreciate its depth of perception and execution.

The limited edition print has enabled us to own and hang multiple examples of works by diverse artists such as David Shepherd, Rolf Harris, Beryl Cook, and Mackenzie Thorpe, all of which have a personal significance and appeal. The greatest problem is choice and limited hanging space. However you can see this as a positive aspect driving us to change and rotate our pictures, something friends and family really do enjoy and appreciate.

This inspires focus on the high quality limited edition prints from world famous artists. However, we were very aware that the low edition size of these stunning images made them highly collectable, and they had assumed a scarcity value.

The greatest revelation was when Rolf Harris’s artwork began to be published in very low run limited edition prints. The Rolf Harris limited edition prints revealed an exceptional breadth and depth of artistic talent and his work was rapidly snapped up, often selling out within days of publication.

Rolf’s limited edition prints (the originals are way beyond our price range) are an affordable way to own and enjoy the diverse work of a great artist with all its splendour, subtlety and perception.

Unfortunately many limited edition prints offered for sale have not been well cared for. Surprisingly many have been trimmed down to fit an inappropriate picture frame or mounted and framed using cheap acidic materials that will attack the original print. Others have been hung on South or West facing walls and exposed to strong sunlight leading to fading and deterioration of the picture. Others have been rolled and stored in cardboard tubes.

Such compromised prints, which increasingly appear framed at auction, are virtually worthless. Never buy a framed print without inspecting it removed from its frame and mounting and never without an original certificate of authenticity from the publisher


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