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Fix Your Washer Problems Without Repairman

Every commercial laundry service relies on the washers and dryers that are used each day. The machines must be constantly maintained to ensure that no single unit ever reaches a point where it stops functioning completely. Just one machine that suddenly stops working could reduce the capacity of the business and lower the revenue earned each day. It is important to consider stocking replacement parts for the brands of machines that are currently being used. Rare or expensive components might not be kept on the premises, but should be sourced so that it is easy to place an order for one if the need arises. The most common replacement parts are divided into a few categories.


A functioning washer or dryer will become completely unusable if the primary controls suddenly stop working. This could be because a resistor burns out or because of physical damage from another source. It is best to know exactly where to get replacement control panels and boards for the units that are being used. Speed Queen washer parts are a good example of what should be stocked or sourced. The control board for a Speed Queen is a single compact unit that is fairly easy to replace with a little caution. It is also helpful to keep extra dishwasher repair los angeles knobs or actual control panels in stock, since these elements normally start to wear down over time.

Internal Components

The internal components that actually make a washer or dryer function are very important to keep on hand. This will make it possible to perform repairs quickly so that there is minimal downtime for any single unit. The internal parts include large items like an actual motor and smaller items like a fan belt. It is best to keep a selection of small parts available so that repair technicians will have access to everything that is needed if a machine stops working. With some washer and dryer brands such as Dexter parts are freely available for almost every internal system within the unit.

Exterior Fixtures

Some of the simplest pieces to replace or maintain on a washer or dryer are the external fixtures. These are things like a threaded leveling leg, door hinges and gaskets for the door. Problems with any one of these parts is easy to solve when the right components are available. The American Dryer Corp (ADC) that is known for industrial dryers has done an excellent job in this area by providing ADC washer parts for each of the units that are available. The small pieces are normally inexpensive and do not take up much space so that it is possible to keep an adequate supply on the premises.


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