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Understanding Leather Furniture Before You Invest in It

To most people’s minds, the sound of buying leather furniture equates with luxury, of finally “arriving” in life, and many other extravagant notions. Just to have a leather couch in your living room lends it an air of sophistication and hard-to-top richness. The thing is though that while leather furniture does lend an air of indulgence and wealth, it doesn’t really need to be all that expensive. If you have finally made up your mind that your next living room makeover will involve all-leather furniture, this little primer on what you can do to get the best furniture for your money should help you out.

Not all leather is created in the same way (as if you needed me to tell you that). Some kinds of leather are heavily processed and plasticized so as to not betray any natural markings or signs of having belonged to an animal at one time. Others are processed in a way that the natural quality of the leather comes through. Leather of this kind is particularly treasured by leather enthusiasts. water-based PU

Leather of the latter kind – the one that retains all the natural beauty of leather is called fullgrain leather. Every natural skin wrinkle, every minor injury that the animal suffered when alive – all of this shows through in fullgrain leather. There is a texture to feel when you run your hand over it that is quite irreplaceable. Leather furniture made of leather like this happens to be the most expensive.

Walking into a showroom that sells leather furniture, you’re likely to hear the term “Topgrain” bandied about. Top grain doesn’t really refer to a kind of leather. Rather, it refers to the how the leather used on a piece of furniture is unsplit. You could have topgrain leather that was fine quality or inferior quality. It just refers to whether the hide used came from one single piece. A particularly prized kind of hide for leather furniture is aniline leather. Leather that’s aniline treated is a hide that’s received dyeing through and through. The leather is porous in nature, and it’s extra soft to the touch. If you want a basic idea of how much to pay for leather, it helps to know that the softer leather is, the more expensive it is. NuBuck happens to be one of the softest kinds of leather used in leather furniture. It’s as soft as velvet and it’s very expensive.

To make sure you keep make the purchase that’s best for you, look at more in furniture you’re considering than merely the texture of the leather. Check to see how strong the frame is and how good the stuffing is. Make sure that the manufacturing is competent and top notch. Remove the cushions and take a close look at what the deck looks like. Everything should be perfectly finished and firm. And of course, the best kind of purchases in leather furniture come from shopping around. If you are willing to compromise and not get the latest design trends that you’re offered, you could conceivably get a great set for far less.

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